Frequently Asked Questions

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Bookkeeping Template

Is this really free?

Yes it is. You can download the bookkeeping template 100% free and instantly start working on your numbers.

Why bookkeeping in Excel?

Bookkeeping with this template is free, easy and fast. As an entrepreneur you are obliged to do your accounting. The tax authorities do not prescribe how you do that. So why don’t you use this free bookkeeping template? Save money on an expensive accountant and subscription fees!

What is included?

With this template you can do your own accounting. The following is included:

• A beautiful invoice template, to create invoices fast and simply. Did you know that invoices that look great are paid faster?
• Record income and sales transactions
• Record purchases and expenses
• Profit and loss statement
• Balance sheet
• Enter and modify customers and suppliers
• Sales tax return

Will it work with open source software like OpenOffice?

We cannot guarantee the bookkeeping template will work 100% with open source software. We strongly recommend you use Microsoft Excel.

Who is this suitable for?

Our bookkeeping template is suitable for all entrepreneurs. So if you are a freelancer, professional or small business owners – you can do your bookkeeping with this template. Have you just started? Are you thinking of becoming a business owner? Download this free bookkeeping template and get started now!

Setup & Use

How do I install the bookkeeping template?

Installation is very simple. Choose a location on your hard drive to save your file. Then open it.

Do I need Microsoft Excel?

Yes, you do. The bookkeeping template requires Microsoft Excel 2007 of higher (PC) or Excel 2011 or higher (Mac). Once you have Excel installed on your computer – you are ready to start using the bookkeeping template. Our advice is to always use the latest version of Excel, which currently is Excel 2016 or 365.

Can I use it on a Mac?

Yes, you can! The bookkeeping template can be used on all devices with Excel. That includes your Mac of course as long as you use Excel 2011 or higher.

Support & Updates

Can I get support?

We are happy to help you with your free bookkeeping template. On this website you will find the online manual, this list of frequently asked questions and practical bookkeeping tips.

We unfortunately do not have the manpower to speak to you by telephone. We prefer communication via our helpdesk system. This way we keep this bookkeeping template free.

What do I do when an update becomes available?

If there is an update of the bookkeeping template, you can quickly transfer your data to the new version without losing your data with a few simple copy and paste commands. Any adjustments that you have made must also be done in the new version, of course.

Download Your Free Bookkeeping Template Now!

Simple bookkeeping in Excel. We provide this Excel bookkeeping template for free. You agree with our disclaimer when you download the file. You are not obliged to buy anything. Please make sure you use an email address that does not start with info@.

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